Talponia (or Molehill in Italian) was designed in 1968 by Roberto Gabetti and Aimaro Oreglia d’Isola for Olivetti’s guests. IDII students lived in single or double 50 square meter apartments with most of the original furniture. I’m not sure that amazing tiger carpet was ever there. There was internet in the building so a combination of iChat along with visual cues (lights on or off)  became a way for students to live communally and communicate their availability and mood. Much group work and socialising was  done  in Talponia as much as  Casa Blu.

iChat window in the evening with their status (available, idle, away) represented by the colours of the dots next to someone’s name.
View from one side of the building.
Talponia at night
At night, the apartment lights would shine through the venetian blinds.
Lighting & Blinds in Talponia
Original lighting design & blinds. View from the other end, closest to the parking entrance.
Talponia carpark
Each apartment was accessed through the carpark entrance.
Doors & doorbell
Each double apartment had door had number and a doorbell.
Winter time in Talponia
Winter in Talponia
Apple iMac lesson
Tristam Sparks teaching peers how to use an Apple computer in his apartment, the first Mac for many.
Group work in Talponia
Alejandro Zamudio Sanchez & Dana Gordon working on a toy project.
Group work in Talponia
Dave Chiu & Haiyan Zhang working on a service design project.
Tristam Sparks, Didier Hilhorst, Victor Szilagyi and visiting lecturer Molly Steenson watching a film.
An outdoor picnic
A picnic outside after a wedding celebration.
Pot luck lunch for a wedding.
Talponia in the summer
Summertime view of Talponia with the curtains drawn in each occupied apartment.